The report developed by the Highlands Company for an adult who has completed the Highlands Ability Battery begins with an individual Bar Chart/Profile. The bar chart divides the individual’s abilities into three basic components: Personal Style, Driving Abilities and Specialized Abilities.

The Bar Chart shows the individual’s score on each work sample in the Battery, expressed as a percentile of all persons who have completed that work sample. The extended report which follows the Bar Chart explains the significance of each worksample and of the individual’s percentile. Individuals are divided into low, medium and high percentiles.

The individual’s score on a particular worksample shows the ease with which he can perform the task measured by the worksample. Because the worksample is timed, the score will show whether the worksample was more or less easy to perform. An individual who finds a particular task easy to do will be happiest and most productive in work requiring that task. An individual who finds a particular task relatively difficult is able to perform the task if given enough time, but he will probably be more comfortable and satisfied in some other task which comes more easily to him.

Adult Sample Report


Highlands Ability Battery Brochure- Read

Adult Sample Profile and Report