Manager-and-employees-or-colleagues-img0028Are you unemployedunderemployed or ready for a career change? Do you know what you are going to be when you grow up? GAMMS Unlimited is here to assist you!

Most adults have never had a comprehensive assessment of their innate abilities so they don’t know what it is they do well. The majority of us have moved between roles and jobs without the insight into our natural abilities to guide us to the fulfilling careers that use them. Using the Highlands Ability Battery you’ll receive an in-depth, objective assessment of your natural abilities and talents along with a detailed, report and personalized feedback to help you fully understand the relationship between your innate abilities and your life and work. Let us help you make the best career and work choices that reflect your talents, and to craft the stories that present yourself in a way that articulate those unique strengths.

At GAMMS UNLIMITED, there is no one-size-fits all approach to helping you become who you were born to be. It’s ALL ABOUT YOU because we want you to live and enjoy life to the fullest!

Our personalized one-on-one coaching programs address the ‘whole person’ including your innate abilities; developed skills; personal style; personal interests; family history; personal values; personal goals; and health/nutrition. We also provide Group Coaching.

Another function of the Highlands Ability Battery is the customized consultation sessions to help you understand why you take longer to make a decision or to solve a new problem or are you in an environment that will allow you to leverage your strengths. You can find the answers to the following questions:

  • What learning/work environment am I best suited for?
  • How do I take in new information most easily?
  • How do I solve new problems most effectively?
  • How do I communicate best with others?
  • What’s my primary decision-making style?


Package C: Adult

  • The Highlands Ability Battery (3-hour online assessment)
  • A 32-page comphrensive report
  • A two-hour personalized assessment feedback conference
  • Six coaching sessions (60 minutes each, usually completed within three months)

Payment options: Client will be invoiced and payment accepted via PayPal before the start of the services and/or at the beginning of each month according to the agreement.

(Volume discounts are available and discounts for unemployed, non-profit and active or inactive military).