Slide29GAMMS Unlimited particated in the Africian American Alzheimer’s Alliance Conference on November 2, 2013. Maxine was the motivational speaker for the Alzheimher’s Caregivers. She served as a caregiver for seven years before her husband of 35 years passed away. She was able to connect with the caregivers by sharing real life experiences as a result of her late husband and recent mother’s death. She spoke about how diabetes affect the mind and body as well as the importance of knowing your AIC (blood glucose level), cholesterol and high blood pressure numbers. She also encouraged everyone to ask their doctor to check their B12 and Vitamin D levels.

Alheizmer Conference 2013
Maxine emphasized that as a caregiver, it is important to accept help from other family members, friends and organizations. She spoke highly about how Hospice was valuable in assisting her family with their mother’s transition. She ended her speech with a motivational cheer that had all the caregivers on their feet and engaged. Everyone loved participating in excercises that included line dancing that left the conference engerzied and motivated.