At GAMMS UNLIMITED, we use the widely acclaimed Highlands Ability Battery to assess your natural abilities. Unlike most career assessments and personality inventories which rely on subjective self-assessments, the Highlands Ability Battery requires you to complete a set of objective, hands-on worksamples specifically designed to measure your aptitudes for abilities such as working with figures and symbols, color perception, and analytical reasoning. After you complete the assessment, GAMMS UNLIMITED provides you a detailed and personalized report and personal, one-on-one coaching to review the results with you and develop a plan to leverage your innate strengths to:

  • Make career and/or college decisions (Eliminate changing your college major that result in reducing tuition and completing your degree)
  • Identify personal and professional development paths (Excel in a career that compliments the abilities you were born with)
  • Explore life aspirations (Understand who you are to discover your purpose and create unlimited options and opportunites).

highlandsAt GAMMS UNLIMITED, we believe that identifying your natural abilities is an essential key to successfully making the education, career, and/or life decisions that will lead you to the purposeful life you want. We help you make the best career and work choices based on a thorough assessment of your abilities.

You can now get a sneak peak of the Highlands Battery Test by clicking here! You will learn how the Highlands Ability Battery can help you to understand your natural abilities and to make maximum use of them in your life and work. Take just 15 minutes to see how the Battery can help you to know yourself.

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I took the Highlands Battery thinking I was going to just get insight on my next career move. But it gave me so much more! “The more” began with the pre-questionnaire. Be honest and don’t think too much when answering. I found these questions helped me in my respective view and the customized feedback. You need the customized feedback to bring to light and enlightenment what this assessment says about you! And Maxine is excellent at relaying across the board–both for career and personal life–what the HAB says about you!

This assessment validated me as a person at the very core. I can stand firm and confident in who I am because I have been affirmed in that. One of the keys I learned about myself is I am “the glue”–I have a key role in many aspects of whatever I touch, whether at home or work. I also learned I am not as detailed as I thought and this can become frustrating to someone dealing with me that is extremely high functioning in this area. And that’s ok. The understanding how I relate to and with others is golden!

After taking the Battery, I know for certain, that I am a masterpiece created for a purpose that only I can fill!

~R.V. Sessoms