• BLD089137Public Speaking: This workshop teaches the key principles for giving an effective presentation. Included are techniques for (1) creating presentation content that is clear and memorable, (2) presenting your ideas with poise, clarity and conviction, and (3) managing the presentation environment.
  • Face-to-Face Communication: This resource provides strong basic skill building information to help participants in any face-to-face communication situation. Participants (1) learn why effective communication is critical to their success, (2) discover their communication style, strengths, and limitations, and (3) learn the core communication and listening skills needed in a variety of interactions with others.
  • Future Directions for Students: Future Directions is designed for high school and college students, and for young adults searching for guidance and counseling. The program focuses on using an understanding of abilities and the other critical factors to make decisions about educational opportunities, majors, college choices and future career options. The approach is practical and hands-on and includes interactive exercises, questionnaires, and other resources, all designed to help the student make practical choices based on a realistic self-awareness. Future Directions works as 12-hour group program, as well as one-on-one. Students take away not only a deeper understanding of the process of making educational and career decisions, but also several templates they can use effectively when considering colleges. This is a tool for life.