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PMP Pre-certification!

If you are like so many others, after you sit in the project management pre-certification class, you find yourself needing more clarification on the knowledge areas. Well look no further! Our certified PMP experts are here to consult with those who are preparing to take the Project Management Professional Certification exam. Our objective is to share our tips and techniques that we used to become a certified PMP.  We meet with individuals or groups. Our schedules are flexible so evenings and weekends dates are available.

What to Expect?

  • Provide clarification on the areas that you required additional help
  • Provide pre-test and other tips and technique
  • Up-to-date information



What does Performance Management have to do with a high performing organization?


Performance Management can lead to a distinct competitive advantage for all types of organizations.  Once you realize it helps you to create strategic objectives, to achieve a desired culture, to develop employees, to increase retention, to drive results and a whole lot more, you will always use it.


  • You will understand the importance why spend the time doing it right? Impact organizational goals, cost, time and quality! 
  • You will understand why PM is driven from senior executives who models why it is done? Cascade strategic goals to ensure alignment!
  • You will understand the importance of tracking how well the system works? Train employees on the process,its’ impact on team results, and organization results throughout the year!
  • You will understand why all managers must be required to be a user of the PM process and system? Leading by example! Using it and being a positive model! Communicating its importance and value!

Performance Management Best Practices based on industry experience.



image9I have diabetes but diabetes does not have me, said Maxine!

We offer Type 2 diabetes management based on the life  and medical experiences of our president, Maxine Phillips. She shares her tips and techniques on how she reversed and now manage her diabetes.  Maxine serves on the Amercican Diabetes Association (ADA) Executive Board in Raleigh, North Carolina: 2014 Step Out Chair for the Annual Step Out Walk: To Stop Diabetes in Eastern North Carolina;  LIVE Power Ambassador, Team Captain Mentor Chair; and the Team Captain for Team Greg Phillips (family and friends team named in honor of her late huband who died from diabetes complications). Maxine received the 2012 Sanofi GIVE Award for her outstanding leadership and committment to the ADA. Her tean has won numberous of awards for their fund raising efforts.

Type 2 Diabetes Management Tips

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test (Are you at risk of becoming a Type 2 diabetic)