• businessExplore GAMMS Unlimited’s Achievement Mindset Process
  • Identify Building Stages and Turning Points
  • Craft a Personal Career Time Line
  • Identify Trends and Patterns in Your Life and Career
  • Explore the Interdependence of Personal Vision Factors
PMP Pre-certification!

If you are like so many others, after you sit in the project management pre-certification class, you find yourself needing more clarification on the knowledge areas. Well look no further! Our certified PMP experts are here to consult with those who are preparing to take the Project Management Professional Certification exam. Our objective is to share our tips and techniques that we used to become a certified PMP.  We meet with individuals or groups. Our schedules are flexible so evenings and weekends dates are available.

What to Expect?

  • Provide clarification on the areas that you required additional help
  • Provide pre-test and other tips and technique
  • Up-to-date information