How to Use Job Search Strategies to Get Yourself Hired or Promoted

Understanding your Natural Abilities Empowers How You Market Yourself at all the times not just when you are looking for a job!

We are ready to join you to identify your next career assignment!

Have you been affected by a lay-off or rumors of a lay-off? Too many times we are blindsided and have no way of knowing we are losing our source of employment until it happens. Then we are faced with a hurry up and get a job attitude. Losing a source of income but especially our main income usually affects our ability to sustain our life because we have not prepared ourselves accordingly. You could also already be unemployed, under-employed or ready for a career change. If you are, GAMMS Unlimited can assist you with our proven Job Search Strategies.


“Our proven techniques have empowered our clients and resulted in them selected as part of the top candidates list and in many cases selected for the position.”



Part 1: $450

Coaching Program: Group or Online $1,200

Part 2:  $400.00
Part 3:  $400.00
Part 4:  $400.00


Part 1: $450

Coaching Program: Individual $1,500

Part 2:  $500.00
Part 3:  $500.00
Part 4:  $500.00

Seating Limited to Eight! A start date and time that is conducive for the participants will be established.

Note: Unable to attend the full program, discuss your need with us. We can tailor a program just for you!


We assist our clients in creating a job search strategy that works for them. However, we hold you accountable to execute your strategy so you can:

  • Identify your innate abilities and use them as a competitive advantage
  • Understand the best environment to use your natural abilities and gifts resulting in you becoming fulfilled and being a high performer
  • Design a powerful resume to showcase your strengths, achievements and results
  • Brand yourself to market your achievements, demonstrate your competencies, and state with confidence the value you add
  • Get your resume noticed, get an interview scheduled, be selected as one of the top candidates for the position

We are looking for attendees who are ready to do the required work to get to the level of life and career satisfaction that you desire for yourself.

At GAMMS Unlimited, there is no one-size-fits-all. Our Job Search Strategy Program is a robust, work intensive 15-hour commitment from you. We are ready to join you to help identify your next career assignment to become an employee of choice!

Bonus: We provide workshop booklets! Participants will also receive a complimentary copy of Transformation Journal and Guidebook!



Ability assessment (individualized on-line assessment and face-to-face feedback via in-person or internet)

  • Before your interview (Job search strategies)
  • During your interview (Branding Yourself, telling your stories using (CAR), and asking questions)
  • After your interview (Closing the interview and job offers)
  • So you got the job now what? (High Performance)
  • Critique and revisions of your resume (One-on-one individualized attention)
  • LinkedIn profile updated
  • First Mock Interview (Telling your stories)
  • Second Mock Interview (Responding and asking the questions)
  • Third Mock Interview ( HR Professional Interviewers)

Please contact GAMMS Unlimited, Maxine Phillips at 919.349.1726 or with any questions.

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