GAMMS UNLIMITED offers the Highlands’ Leadership Report as an optional report that interprets your natural abilities specifically as they relate to leadership. We recommend this report for current and aspiring leaders and incorporate it into our Adult Coaching Program.

Your natural abilities are absolutely critical to your effectiveness as a leader, regardless of the type of leadership role in which you serve.  As a leader, knowledge of your innate talents helps you:

  • Prepare and apply for leadership positions consistent with your personal leadership style
  • Apply your skills to solve problems more easily and effectively
  • Clearly communicate your ideas and decisions
  • Adapt and respond to the styles of the people you lead and others you work with

In using the information you get from the assessment, it’s important to move toward leadership roles that capitalize on your own pattern of strengths.  For example, you will want to take your specific set of talents into account when:

  • Determining the steps you need to take to achieve your ideal leadership role
  • Managing your daily, weekly, and monthly work schedule
  • Choosing the most effective responses to situations
  • Developing your skills for communicating ideas and inspiring confidence
  • Maximizing your personal performance at work