A purpose driven life is not just the title of a book. It is the true circumstance that drives certain individuals to that point of self-declaration. For Maxine Phillips, her starting point was just the billboard for what would be a career in professional development led by integrity.

Growing up in Yukon, West Virginia, Phillips found a way to incorporate teaching into every portion of her life. Observant and nurturing, as well as being an active listener, were the attributes that rooted Phillips within the business of giving and eventually became the pillars that made her company, GAMMS UNLIMITED a reputable establishment.

More than just a business, GAMMS UNLIMITED surfaced as a revelation rather than a rebound. After giving more than 25 years of providing leadership and professional education consultation to organizations such as ABB, Adecco, Collin County Community College, Ericsson, Headway Corporate Resources, Illinois Bell, Southwestern Bell, and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Phillips saw an opportunity to exalt her talents to a realm outside of the corporate world.

A business coaching certification program at North Carolina State University prompted her with a question that allowed her to draft her business plan right on the spot. It was in that moment that she recognized that she should pursue the business of helping individuals discover their natural gifts and talents, a ministry that assesses the minds of those who want to put their life’s aspirations into action. Through her faith, along with her leadership experience, her degrees in Business Administration and the help of family, friends and her mentor, she has been able to present GAMMS UNLIMITED as a life coaching program. GAMMS UNLIMITED has opened the door for individuals to discover their purpose and true missions in order to achieve a well-designed work life balance to capitalize their potential in order to live their best life and  do their best work.

Phillips finds time to stay active learning & developing, coaching & consulting, and volunteering for non-profit organizations. Phillips is also listed as an unsung heroine from Collin College, inducted into the West Virginia All Black Schools Hall of Fame for Academia, recipient of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Sanofi “Give” Award for leadership, and numerous of ADA Fundraiser Awards in Raleigh, N.C. With a background documented and approved to consult business professionals and coach individuals into fulfilling their life’s work, Phillips uses her gifts to “pay it forward.” Uniquely positioned in a world where helping others is oftentimes an afterthought, Maxine Phillips presents a life of giving, blended with excellence and motivation through GAMMS UNLIMITED.

Maxine’s hobbies are sewing (Certified Master Tailor from Metropolitan School of Tailoring in Chicago, Il), decorating, crafts, reading self-help, inspirational and motivational books, listening to jazz and spiritual music, and going to live plays.


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Certified Highlands Consultant

Certified Business Coach

Certified Occupational Performance Questionnaire (OPQ) & 360 Feedback Member of the Following Organizations:

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) -Corporate
  • ICF-Raleigh
  • Knightdale Chamber of Commerce
  • Minority Business Owner
  • SHRM-Corporate
  • Student First

 Experience Maxine’s passion for Student Career Coaching, view her VIDEO on student coaching and mentoring.