When Greg and Maxine Phillips decided to start their janitorial business in 1990 in Allen, Texas, they didn’t know they were preparing a lifelong legacy for their family. After brainstorming names for their business, they decided on GAMM, which is based on the first initials of each person in their four-member family:

G = Greg, A = April (daughter), M = Maxine, and M = Marcus (son)

The janitorial business created the challenge of maintaining employees although they recruited, trained, and coached employees. Maxine and Greg demanded a standard of excellence in everything. The high employee turnover prevented them from delivering quality service, so in 1992, they sold the business.

In 1996, Maxine knew she was too far from her mother when a family illiness prevented her from getting home to a loved one in the time of need. She listened to her spirit and with her husband and children in agreement, they moved to Raleigh, NC. In 2001, the next generation of the Phillips’ family was born, a boy, named Sean. After that, the “S” was added and a license plate was ordered to represent the new official name, “GAMMS.”

In 2008, Maxine received a vision guiding her to change careers. She started a professional coaching and consulting business focused on helping others identify their natural abilities. As a strong couple that fully supported each other’s dreams, Greg and Maxine began the brainstorming process once again for a business name. Unfortunately, during this time Greg became seriously ill.

While dealing with Greg’s unexpected illness, Maxine continued with their efforts to establish the new coaching business that she and her husband dreamed of. After considerable thought about the new company’s vision, they agreed on “Transforming Generations” as the core theme. It described their passion to transform generations by helping people of all ages to identify and embrace their God-given abilities and gifts. An important element of this shared passion is working with young people to discover their talents and interests early in life so that they can make critical education and career decisions that use their gifts.

Greg passed away in February of 2010 just before Maxine discovered that the preferred name for their new coaching business, “Transforming Generations”, was not available. She wanted to ensure that her husband Greg continued to be an integral part of the dream that she shared with him so she adopted “GAMMS” from their previous business and license plate. The name GAMMS represents the initials of the three generations of her family (parents, children, and first grandchild). Unlimited was added because Maxine believes, “when you know who you are and you know how to articulate and communicate your strengths, your potential and options are UNLIMITED!”


The GAMMS UNLIMITED logo is significant because it is a graphic representation of the key themes, principles and values of Maxine’s life philosophy. The tree, with butterflies as leaves, depicts a divine image of strength, beauty, and life unfolding with the fulfillment of purpose. Trees, as well as butterflies, go through stages of development. They each transform according to their specific design. That same transformation is possible for each person. With an understanding of purpose, gifts, and talents, each individual has something unique to contribute. And each generation can be transformed into something extraordinary and significant through the discovery and realization of individual uniqueness. GAMMS UNLIMITED exists to help its clients discover their natural abilities, passion, and gifts through an informed, thoughtful customized collection of coaching, mentoring and training.

GAMMS UNLIMITED’s mission is to transform how people live, work, and build their career:

One generation at a time

One person at a time

One student at a time